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Dr. Michelle on MSNBC–NYC Workplace Shooting

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Dr. Michelle appeared on MSNBC’s “The Cycle” to discuss a work related shooting near the Empire State Building in New York City.

Dr. Michelle on MSNBC–Heroism in Aurora, CO

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Dr. Michelle recently stopped by the MSNBC show, The Cycle, to discuss the psychology of heroism and the heroic acts of the residents of Aurora, Colorado. The Cycle features Toure, author, S.E. Cupp, a social and political commentator, Steve Kornacki, writer for Salon.com and Krystal Ball, a former congressional candidate.

The Death of Romance: Buying and Selling First Dates!


There are many good options for online dating sites but the latest hook-up destination whatsyourprice.com is definitely a sign that the value placed on relationships continues to decline. The site invites “the generous” to place bids from $25-$200 for first dates with “the attractive” who post profiles and can either accept, decline or counter the bid.