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Advice for Single Parents


Dr. Michelle and Dr. Tartt were guest experts on 106th and Park’s “Young, Single and Parenting” Special. Check out this video clip from the show offering single parents some guidance on child rearing. For more parenting advice, click here to read Q&As from the show.

I love my guy but keep thinking about my Ex? How can I shake him?

Ask Dr. Michelle

I love my guy but I always think about my ex. How can I shake him?

Dr. Michelle Hosting Wedlock or Deadlock


Dr. Michelle hosted the syndicated daytime talk show “Wedlock or Deadlock” where she decided whether couples should move forward and get married or break-up for good.

How can I convince my girlfriend not to marry her Ex?

Ask Dr. Michelle

I’ve been dating this girl for the past year and a half, on and off, but I’ve known her almost 3 years now. When we first met, I was married and she was involved with her long time boyfriend. We fell for each other and became madly in love. She promised me she was going to leave him, and she did. She has very strict parents. In the last couple months she decides to get back with her boyfriend. There is no love there. She tells me she has feelings for two guys, and she doesn’t know what to do. I still see her to this day but her boyfriend doesn’t know. She told me the other day that they are getting married this year. I can’t let her do this–she is making a big mistake. She even told me the other day that her boyfriend doesn’t do half the things I do for her. I don’t get it. All I did was make her happy, and she says I did nothing wrong and that it’s her. I know her family really likes him and they haven’t really met me. Is this a family issue? She wants to be with me. How can I convince her to come back to me? I want to be with her! I really love her!!!! Please help me…

How do I win back my ex-girlfriend?

Ask Dr. Michelle

I am a 30 year old used to be, has been “player.” I was engaged to the sweetest woman I’ve ever known. We were engaged for two years. The problem is my past lifestyle. It caused me to lose her. Now she is with someone else and I respect that, but I still love her. I see now more than ever how much she meant to me. She tells me that she is in love with him, but I know her, I can tell when she is lying. Every time we talk it always ends up leading to the past. She moved in with him right after our break-up, but we still continued to see each other. She says that she can’t believe in the change I’ve made because people can’t change over night. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Help?