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Dr. Michelle on the CBS Early Show

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Women’s Health contributor and psychologist Dr. Michelle Callahan appeared as a guest on CBS’s The Early Show discussing a new study that shows women are outpacing men in education and income. Find out the implications of this economic shift and what it means for marriages.

How do I start dating again or be happy alone?

Ask Dr. Michelle

Question: I was in a serious relationship that led to me getting totally ripped off by this female and left me in a destitute situation. After two years of depressed states and trying to find good jobs in today’s market, I am finally getting back on my feet. Financially I am still in the red, but am on my way back to stability. I am gun shy about relationships now as well as I feel kind of inadequate due to the fact of my financial status. My question is, “When would be a good time to get back into the dating scene?” I miss having that closeness of a companion, but I am still kind of untrusting. Should I get back into the dating scene or be content with being alone?

Top 7 Things Couples Must Discuss Before Marriage


There are many ways to make a marriage work and be successful. Each couple will have their own understanding and expectations. What may work for your parents or friends may not work for you, so it’s most important that you and your future spouse are in agreement on how your relationship will work. Below are […]

Does Your Partner Love You or Your Lifestyle?

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Of course it’s natural for everyone to think about their partner’s or future spouse’s earning potential in life because it affects your lifestyle and how you will survive financially.  However, the current recession and recent years of rising unemployment should be a wake-up call to people in relationships that you will have to live through […]

What should I do if my girlfriend loves money more than me?

Ask Dr. Michelle

I am 41 years old, divorced, and after a 10-year marriage that was going nowhere, I left home and found the most incredible woman. We fell in love from the moment we met. She was married, and looking for a way out. Unfortunately, her husband was wealthy and I was not, so she found love with me that she never had. We have broken up and made up twenty times simply because she cannot get over the fact that I am not a wealthy person. She keeps hanging on to me letting me in and out. I am going crazy because she is the world to me, and I am JUST love to her. She feels no security with me. By the way, we both make six figures. Not that bad right? I feel like she is hanging on to me, in case the whole package does not come along. I am so lost. I feel dead inside.