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Does Your Partner Love You or Your Lifestyle?

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Of course it’s natural for everyone to think about their partner’s or future spouse’s earning potential in life because it affects your lifestyle and how you will survive financially.  However, the current recession and recent years of rising unemployment should be a wake-up call to people in relationships that you will have to live through some of the “worse,” in the vows “for better or worse.” You or your partner may lose your jobs, your 401k and lifelong savings, your house or your health.

You need to be clear before you walk down the aisle that you love your partner’s spirit and personality enough that you could be happy and satisfied even when you struggle together.  The most accomplished and promising looking lifestyles can be lost due to an accident or unexpected event, and then where would you be? Would you be willing to pick up the slack for your partner if they couldn’t work or help you around the house?  Would you remain faithful if they couldn’t have sex for an extended period of time or ever, due to injury or illness? Would you be at home blaming them for your situation? Would you be out looking for another mate?!

No one likes to think about the hard times when they are having fun dating or planning a wedding but before you walk down the aisle, you should be sure that your partner loves the real you and not just what you can “do” for them.  If all they want to do is spend your money or stand in your spotlight, you need to look for someone who will stick around when there’s less money to spend and you are now standing in the shadows.

Choose wisely and good luck!

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