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Are you MS. TYPED?



My new book Ms. Typed: Discover Your True Dating Personality and Rewrite Your Romantic Future is about a movement I want to start among women. I wrote the book because I want women to feel empowered to change their love lives. It’s time for women to stop feeling bad about their past and excited about their future! Just because things haven’t gone the way you want them to doesn’t mean that they can’t or that they won’t. When you personally change in certain ways, it will have a ripple effect across your life, especially when it comes to romance. You have the power to transform yourself and your love life into something amazing! Just because you haven’t found “the one” doesn’t mean that he isn’t out there or that there is something wrong with you…it might simply mean that you are Ms. Typed.

Who is Ms. Typed?

Ms. Typed is one of the many confident, attractive and successful women who often ends up in unsuccessful relationships because she behaves in ways that don’t accurately reflect who she really is. She does the things that she thinks she has to do be make a relationship work, when more than likely those things are going to sabotage the relationship. Instead of being her authentic self, she tries to be who she thinks men want her to be or whoever she needs to be to win in love.

If that describes you, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck in the past…you can change your dating present and future! It isn’t your destiny to be a drama queen, a booty call, a mistress or a stalker, but under certain circumstances you may have allowed yourself to become one or all of them. As a result, you may have lost sight of your true self, which caused you to behave in ways that are out of character for you. The longer you acted that way, the more it became a regular part of your behavior and personality, and before you knew it you started acting like someone else. But what if you are Ms. Typed, and men have you all wrong? They think they know your type, but the real you is stuck underneath a whole lot of crappy dates and bad relationships. If you are Ms. Typed, you have taken on a dating personality that is probably more of a coping mechanism than a choice.

I wrote Ms. Typed to help you get that load of negative experiences and memories off your back, and out of your head and heart, so that you can finally be free of your difficult past to pursue an exciting romantic future!

Whether you are single, currently dating, or even in a committed relationship or marriage, Ms. Typed can help you work through some of your relationship challenges so that you can rediscover your true self and find the love you deserve.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, click here to buy an autographed copy of Ms. Typed on the “Books” page of my website.

If you are already reading it, let me know what you think!

Good luck!

Dr. M

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One response to “Are you MS. TYPED?”

  1. Stephanie Chaplin says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your book and have added it my book list. All my friends are enjoying the book as well. I would like to thank you for the information gained. I am working on myself and becoming more aware of areas of improvement. I even pack this book in my purse to see how other women react… people enjoy the quiz and reading about themselves. I feel that it is a woman’s right to know herself and begin to work towards becoming her best self. Only through truth and self exploration is this possible. Again I thank you and the ladies in Oklahoma City so thank you.

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