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Dr. Michelle on Today–Dating Pre-Nups

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Dr. Michelle and Dan Abrams discuss “dating pre-nups.”

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Dr. Michelle on Today–Family Friendships

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Relationship rules for the modern family Psychologist Michelle Callahan offers relationship advice for families who are trying to maintain friendships with another family, especially when all the people in both families don’t get along.

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Commentary: Eva and Lance’s Hollywood Breakup


Source: www.Essence.com by Dr. Michelle So many of us have dreamed of a Hollywood romance. Fantasizing about a life filled with global jet-setting, red carpet events, designer shopping sprees and parties with A-listers. The recent breakup of Eva Marcille and Lance Gross proves once again that fame, fortune and beauty do not guarantee love, marriage […]

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Are you “Ms. Typed” When it Comes to Relationships?

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Hey All.  I spoke to Essence.com about dating and finding Mr. Right.  Here’s an excerpt of our interview: Source: www.essence.com You have met guys at happy hours with work colleagues. You have met cute guys while part of a business transaction. You have been fixed up by friends. You may even still have a classmate […]

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My Friend Stopped Talking to Me Because I Had a Baby with My Boyfriend Who Cheated

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I tell my best friend everything. I have been with my man for a few years and he has cheated on me. Since then we had a beautiful baby girl and I didn’t hear from my best friend for six months. We used to talk everyday, literally. I finally called her and she said she stopped talking to me because she was upset that I had a baby with him. We have been through thick and thin, but at this point I’m confused. Is she really the friend I thought she was? Shouldn’t she just have been happy for me?

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