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Dr. Michelle on Tyra–Ms. Typed

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Dr. Michelle was a guest on the Tyra Banks show to discuss “The Bro Code” (the secret code of men), and dating tips from her book, “Ms. Typed: Discover Your True Dating Personality and Rewrite Your Romantic Future.”

2 responses to “Dr. Michelle on Tyra–Ms. Typed”

  1. migdalia cole says:

    well i think that a lot that you said in the show is true. well i was wondering if you can tell me what type i am. The thing is that i am a person that i will let my man get his space at home we spend time together but some time his boys come and it doesn’t bother me. at all we go out some times on the weekends we will go to the same club but he wants me to go my way with my girls and he goes his way with his boys but at the same time i got all my girl giving the 411 about everything and is the same if any of our girl man comes with us. but the thing is that we are married and all our friends aint they live together and have kids but none of them are married their is 6 couples with out including us. i want him to work but at the same time i don’t but i don’t tell him that. the reason is that i don’t trust the girl at his job. so i will stop at his job on his break with the kids or sometimes by my self when the kids are at school. if he ask me what im doing there i will just say i was passing by your job and i decided to see if you needed anything from the store. i let him go to his friends house but im always blowing up his phone and when he tell me were he is at i will call one of my girls to drive by just to see if it true or ask one of his boys to tell me if he was over there cause i need him for something that is rung with one of his sons that the kids have high fever and vomiting that he needs to get home. i only do that when its pass 12pm and i want him home. but i don’t trust him at all when it gets pass 12. but he think that i let him go with his boys and hang out but he don’t know that i spy on him all the time. but see his boys don’t tell him that i call them to see cause they all good friends with me too. so can you tell me what kind of type i am by my crazy story.

  2. admin says:

    By your story, you sound like Ms. Anaconda. You are always trying to check and double check-up on your man. But it seems like you became Ms. Anaconda because your man can’t be trusted so instead of you finding a healthy relationship with someone you can trust, you stress yourself out stalking him and private investigating his every move. That’s not the kind of life you want to live–look at who it’s turning you into! You’re becoming Ms. Drama Queen as you show up in odd places and peek around corners trying to catch him in the act! I suggest you pick up a copy of Ms. Typed and try the Ms. Typed Makeover Kit because it can help you step by step on working with getting back into a healthy place or if necessary, moving on.

    Good luck! Dr. Michelle

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