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Dr. Michelle on Anderson Cooper

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Dr. Michelle recently appeared on an episode of Anderson Cooper called “Who Did I Marry.” The show asks the question: How well do you know the person you love? Anderson speaks with several women who discovered their husbands were leading unbelievable secret lives.

One guest discovered, through the use of Facebook, that her husband married another woman in an elaborate ceremony in Walt Disney World, even bringing their children to the wedding! Another guest discovered her husband not only had two other families on the side, but was also a brutal murderer who killed with his bare hands.  After 27 years of marriage, one woman finds out her husband was involved in a huge child pornography ring.

Do You Still Talk to Your Exes?

(Watch the video to hear Dr. Michelle’s opinion.)

Developmental Psychologist Dr. Michelle Callahan says it’s a huge red flag if your significant other is still communicating with his or her ex. Some people believe it’s possible to stay friends with an ex — do you?

Women Vs. Men: Is One Less Trustworthy?

(Watch the video to hear Dr. Michelle’s opinion.)

One audience member on today’s show couldn’t help but notice that all of the betrayed guests on today’s show are women. He asks, “Are men more likely [to be] duplicitous [and have] double lives? Are there any stories about women doing the same?”

Dr. Michelle Callahan weighs in, saying it’s “easier” for men to be untrustworthy because of a woman’s inherent role as a caregiver.

Hear her explanation below…


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