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Dr. Michelle Judges TeenNick’s “Queen Bees”

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Starting this Monday night at 9pm on TeenNick, Dr. Michelle is the Life Coach and Judge of the hit mean girl makeover reality show, Queen Bees.

The eight-episode series takes an introspective look at seven self-centered, narcissistic ‘mean girls,’ who have been nominated by family members, boyfriends and friends in the hopes that they will better themselves from the inside out.  While the girls think they are competing to be the biggest diva in the house, they quickly learn that they are there because people want them to change.  Each young woman will take a closer look at who they are and re-examine their not so nice ways.  The girl that changes the most will win $25,000.  But will these ‘Queen Bees’ accept the challenge once their true colors are exposed?

Check out the trailer!


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