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Why do you keep going back to your Ex?

Like the expression goes, because your Ex is “the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t know.” People who are bored or very much in need of an “intimate” interaction, find it much easier to go “backwards” in time to try to hook up with someone who they already know, than to go “forward” […]

Why do I keep talking about dating violence?

I’ve noticed a lot of people posting on the internet asking why we keep talking about dating violence and suggesting that we just move on. And I think to myself, “What?!! Move on?!!” How can we move on when one out of every three teens and young adults has experienced dating violence? I care about […]

Dating Violence Q&A: A recap of 106th & Park

If you missed my appearance on 106th and Park to discuss dating violence, you missed a really great show! In addition to me and Dr. Jeff Gardere, other guests included Alesha Renee, Free and Kevin Powell, all of whom talked about their own personal experiences with dating violence. Since we shared so much good information […]

How to talk to your kids about sex and drugs

Recently I was on the Today show discussing how to talk to your kids about sex and drugs because we want parents to feel encouraged to have what many people expect to be a difficult conversation. Try to think back to when you were first experimenting with drinking or thinking about having sex—it’s a lot […]