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What you’ll see on “Wedlock or Deadlock”



Are you wondering what Wedlock or Deadlock is about?  Well let me tell you what you can expect to see.  Each half hour episode of “Wedlock or Deadlock” features an engaged couple that has serious concerns about their relationship and wonder whether they have what it takes to get married.

When each show begins, the couple hands over their marriage license to me. At the end of the show I will either return it to them with my blessing or tear it up.

During the show, I ask all the questions the couples should be asking themselves before making a lifetime commitment. Is she cheating with her ex? Is he a slob? How many children do they want? Who’s going to clean the bathroom?

The show will also feature family members and friends that give me more information to help me determine whether the couple should tie the knot. I also have each couple complete an extensive compatibility test as well as various in studio exercises to help me understand the dynamics of the couple.

Finally, l give my opinion – either they are ready to walk down the aisle, or they should both just take a walk.

Here are the cities where the show will air:

New York: 11am on WNYW (FOX 5)

Philadelphia: 3:30pm on WTXF (FOX 29)

Atlanta: 11am on WAGA (FOX 5)

Tampa: 2:30pm on WTVT (FOX 13)

Phoenix: 2:30pm on KSAZ (FOX 10)

Orlando: 5:30pm on WRBW (MY 65)

Memphis: 2:30pm on WHBQ (FOX 13)

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