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Spring Clean Your Life!


Everyone has heard of spring-cleaning. Usually it refers to things like going through your clothes closets and tossing out things you no longer wear or cleaning out storage areas to make room for new items. You know how to donate old clothes, but have you considered spring-cleaning your life? Maybe you’ve only thought about “spring cleaning” in terms of straightening up and clearing out your physical space, but what about applying that same principle to the less tangible aspects of your world? It’s time to spring clean your life! Ask yourself “What am I still holding onto that I need to let go?”

Here are nine areas of your life that can benefit from a good spring-cleaning:

1. Spring clean your mind
What old thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your life do you need to let go? Sometimes you don’t realize when you’ve become your own worst enemy by allowing the voice in your head to make negative comments that talk you out of the things you know you should do. In your head you may be hearing the voice of your Ex, your parents, a jealous friend or an unsupportive boss saying negative or discouraging things. It’s time to clear your mind of outdated negative thoughts and refill it with new healthy and positive thoughts.

2. Spring clean your relationships
Relationships are an area where you may be dragging around a lot of baggage from the past. You have to spring clean your social life too! If someone is dragging you down instead of lifting you up, it’s time for him or her to go! If their negative energy is poisoning your interactions, what purpose do they serve in your life? Don’t be afraid to reposition people in your life, even some of your oldest friends. You don’t have to cut them off, but you may need to change their priority/position in your life. It’s time to carefully choose who you allow in your inner circle.

3. Spring clean your love life.
Your romantic partner and relationship have a huge impact on you and your life. If things aren’t going the way they should, make moves to free yourself up and be available for a relationship with someone who wants what you want. You may also be carrying baggage from a past relationship. How can Mr. or Miss. Right “move in” when your Ex still has the key to your heart? It’s time to make room for a loving and healthy romantic relationship.

4. Spring clean your heart
Your friends, family or romantic partners may have hurt you in the past. If a part of your heart is still broken over bad blood between you and someone else, now is the time to let that go and move on. Toss the baggage they left you when they hurt you. Carrying their issues around is weighing you down. I’m not saying forget, but to let go in your own heart because holding a grudge is only hurting you and your life. It’s time to let go of the hurt to make room for new loving and supportive people to come into your life.

5. Spring clean your spirit
If you have been feeling like it’s you against the world you need to reconnect with your spirituality and remember that you are not in this alone. If you’ve stopped your spiritual practice or you never had one but need one, why not create one now to encourage and inspire you? It may include attending religious/spiritual services or events, prayer, meditation, reading or uplifting music. It’s time to reconnect with your spirit.

6. Spring clean your identity
It’s easy to let the past define your present and future, but when it comes to your identity you have to let go of the old and make room for the new. What old identities and labels no longer fit and accurately describe you? Replace them with your new truth! In particular, stop letting mistakes of the past define and depress you. Now that you know better, you’ll do better! It’s time to redefine your self.

7. Spring clean your bad habits
You probably don’t think about how bad habits sabotage your life in so many areas. Many of those habits are things that you waste time doing that cause you to lose sight of the big picture and become consumed with whatever is right in front of you. Your bad habits distract you from your purpose. Spending too much time doing anything including things like watching TV, surfing the internet and endless social networking can take you away from your priorities. It’s time to refocus.

8. Spring clean your body
During the winter people are more sedentary and often gain weight during the holidays. Spring is when people start spending more time outside and therefore you want to be healthy and look good. If you’ve been procrastinating on getting to the gym and making changes to your daily diet, now is the time to create a regular program of diet and exercise. You may even want to start the season with a cleanse to help you clear your body of unwanted chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, etc. It’s time to get your health back on track.

9. Spring clean your living/working space
Does your space inspire or depress you? You may be underestimating the impact of your environment on your thoughts and mood. Get rid of items that bring you down and add some items that lift you up. That may mean removing reminders of your former life and replacing them with images and things that reflect where you want your life to go. Not ready to toss something you know you should? Put it in a box and store it. When you realize you no longer need it, toss it! It’s time to design inspirational spaces.

This list of spring-cleaning ideas isn’t exhaustive so add to it anything that you know you need to do to improve your life. There’s a lot here to work on so set goals for yourself and work on them one day at a time. Good luck!

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