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Can your zodiac sign help you find marital bliss?


Back in the day, knowing someone’s “sign” was such a big deal.  People ran around talking about whether or not they would be compatible with someone or not simply based on their zodiac sign.  However, only knowing the astrological compatibility of you and your partner’s zodiac signs is not enough information to help you determine whether or not you should marry someone. Neither is a “reading” from a “psychic.” When it comes to marrying someone, you have to use your common sense and some basic long standing information on what helps marriages be successful and what helps break them apart.  Knowing someone’s zodiac sign is about as helpful as knowing their personality type.  It’s one of MANY pieces of information you need to take into consideration before you take a walk down the aisle.  Knowing I’m a Scorpio and that I am very “passionate” isn’t going to tell you everything you need to know about what kind of spouse I will make, but if you believe in astrology, it may give you an idea of what I might be like in some situations.  The real test comes in observing how I actually handle real life situations.

We often look at different characteristics about a person and use that information to assume that the person would make a good spouse, and I don’t think you should just rely on how people look on paper.  You still have to see how things play out in real life and figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Regardless of someone’s zodiac sign or what that psychic told you, you better open your eyes and pay attention to what is happening in your relationship.  If it is working then don’t worry about the fact that the person doesn’t fit into the category or sign that you think they should be in.  And likewise if things aren’t working, don’t ignore those problems, believing that they will magically fix themselves because you believe you are meant to be according to astrology or a compatibility test.  Many couples who look compatible on paper don’t work out and many who don’t look compatible do, so take every piece of information you can get your hands on and combine it all to help you understand you and your partner’s compatibility and chances of success.

If you care about a person’s zodiac sign, then make sure you also care about their finances, future plans, desire to have children, parenting style, career goals, religious and spiritual beliefs, willingness to do dishes and the whole nine yards!  Take all of that information into consideration.  Don’t take any one of those issues and let it dominate your thinking about your compatibility with your partner.

Good luck!

Dr. Michelle

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    Hi Marsha–thanks for stopping by. Check out my post “How Do I Know if I Need to See a Counselor” for links to find counselors in your area. Good luck!

    Dr. Michelle

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