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Should you air your dirty laundry?


When it comes to dating, if and when you should air your dirty laundry depends on the nature of your relationship.  When you first start dating I don’t think you should tell too much too soon.  It’s good to maintain an air of mystery about certain things until you can at least determine if the […]

Premiere of “Wedlock or Deadlock”

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Each half hour episode of “Wedlock or Deadlock” features an engaged couple that has serious concerns about their relationship and wonder whether they have what it takes to get married. When each show begins, the couple hands over their marriage license to me. At the end of the show I will either return it to […]

Dr. Michelle on Fox and Friends

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Dr. Michelle was a guest on Fox and Friends (Fox News Channel) discussing the premiere of Wedlock or Deadlock and a new study on marriage.

Dr. Michelle on Memphis’ Fox 13

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Dr. Michelle was a guest on Memphis’ Fox 13 to discuss Wedlock or Deadlock which airs in Memphis at 2:30pm.

Dr. Michelle on Atlanta’s Fox 5

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Today, Dr. Michelle appeared on Atlanta’s Fox 5 to discuss marriage and her new show “Wedlock or Deadlock.”