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We had a huge fight? What’s the best way to fix it?

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We had a huge fight. What’s the best way to fix it?

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6 Strategies for a Stress-Free Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can be a day full of fun and romance, or a day full of fighting over why your dream date never came to fruition. This Valentine’s Day, follow my six strategies for a stress-free Valentine’s Day and enjoy your day no matter what you do or who you spend it with. 1. Agree […]

Dr. Michelle on GMA

Dr. Michelle on Good Morning America–Online Dating

News and Events

Dr. Michelle recently visited Good Morning America to discuss the online dating story of a 35-year old  man who used computer algorithms to hack the online dating site OkCupid and find his future fiancee in just 90 days. Click here to read more about his story. Check out the video:

Dr. Michelle on Ricki

Dr. Michelle on the Ricki Lake Show

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Relationship expert Dr. Michelle Callahan recently visited the Ricki Lake show to discuss “What You Should Know Before You Get Married.” In this episode, Jaron, 27, reveals to Ricki Lake that he may no longer be interested in marrying his long-time girlfriend Brighette, 27. Dr. Michelle helps the couple understand why the couple may not […]

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Planning to Move-in, Prepping to Move Out


As a relationship expert, I’ve seen all types of relationships start and stop for reasons as varied as the couples themselves.   One situation that is particularly hard on both parties is when a break-up occurs while the couple is living together.  Suddenly the couple is hit with the hard reality that they need to sit down and sift through […]

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