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Dr. Michelle on MTV 3

Dr. Michelle discusses dating violence on MTV Chris Brown & Rihanna Special


In the MTV News Special “Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble,” Dr. Michelle explains what dating violence is and why it should be tolerated under any circumstances.

Dr. Michelle on MTV 2

Dr. Michelle–What can we learn from Chris Brown & Rihanna?


In the MTV News Special “Chris Brown: The Interview,” Dr. Michelle discusses what we can learn from Chris Brown and Rihanna’s experiences with dating violence.

Dr. Michelle on MTV

Dr. Michelle on MTV–Chris Brown Special

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Dr. Michelle joined MTV News Correspondent Sway Calloway in the MTV News Special “Chris Brown: The Interview.”  During the news special Chris talked with Sway about what happened between he and Rihanna back in February and what life is like now, nine months later. Dr. Michelle talked with Sway about dating violence and what we […]

Dr. Michelle on MTV 3

Do you have a right to hit your girlfriend?


Okay, I understand that people get upset and angry by the things that their partner does but that doesn’t give anyone the right to hit someone else. I have heard all the stories and theories about what Rihanna allegedly did to Chris Brown to “set him off” and I am appalled that people think any […]

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Why do I keep talking about dating violence?


I’ve noticed a lot of people posting on the internet asking why we keep talking about dating violence and suggesting that we just move on. And I think to myself, “What?!! Move on?!!” How can we move on when one out of every three teens and young adults has experienced dating violence? I care about […]

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