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Dr. Michelle on Today–Toxic People

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Dr. Michelle joined Hoda Kotb on Today to discuss how to get rid of toxic people in your life including your boyfriend and friends.

3 responses to “Dr. Michelle on Today–Toxic People”

  1. Lady Legacy says:

    just posted this vid on my facebook profile!

  2. drmichelle says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you find it helpful!

  3. Lynn says:

    Watching you on Fran. and just found your site and this clip. thanks.

    So what if the toxic person is your husband of 25 years?
    If I fix in me what I don’t like…will he finally go away??!!
    BTW I’m disabled so have not had the means to leave. he controls the money. but if he wants to leave, maybe he’ll let go of some of it. how can i make him want to leave?

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