"TV Relationship Expert Dr. Michelle is your relationship, career and personal coach for advice and coaching on life, love, and work."
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Dr. Michelle on Better TV

Dr. Michelle discusses dating types on Better TV


Dr. Michelle discusses her book “Ms. Typed” and the mistakes women make that sabotage their relationships.

Dr. Michelle on Today 5

Valentine’s Day Q&As


Dr. Michelle answers viewers’ Valentine’s Day questions.

Dr. Michelle on MSNBC

Dr. Michelle–Buying and Selling First Dates?!


Dr. Michelle Callahan talks with Dylan Ratigan about the website, WhatsYourPrice.com, which allows people to buy and sell first dates.

Dr. Michelle on CBS-Val's Day

Dr. Michelle–Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts


Relationship expert Dr. Michelle Callahan spoke with Maggie Rodriguez about the Dos and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Michelle on CBS--Breakups

Dr. Michelle–Break-up Etiquette


Dr. Michelle discusses recent break-up strategies and gives advice on proper break-up etiquette.

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