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Dr. Michelle on Good Day NY

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Dr. Michelle was a guest on Fox 5’s Good Day New York.  She joined Rosanna Scotto for their relationship segment called “Good Date New York.”  Dr. Michelle discussed hosting her show Wedlock or Deadlock and she took viewer questions about dating and relationships.

How can I convince my girlfriend not to marry her Ex?

Ask Dr. Michelle

I’ve been dating this girl for the past year and a half, on and off, but I’ve known her almost 3 years now. When we first met, I was married and she was involved with her long time boyfriend. We fell for each other and became madly in love. She promised me she was going to leave him, and she did. She has very strict parents. In the last couple months she decides to get back with her boyfriend. There is no love there. She tells me she has feelings for two guys, and she doesn’t know what to do. I still see her to this day but her boyfriend doesn’t know. She told me the other day that they are getting married this year. I can’t let her do this–she is making a big mistake. She even told me the other day that her boyfriend doesn’t do half the things I do for her. I don’t get it. All I did was make her happy, and she says I did nothing wrong and that it’s her. I know her family really likes him and they haven’t really met me. Is this a family issue? She wants to be with me. How can I convince her to come back to me? I want to be with her! I really love her!!!! Please help me…

What you’ll see on “Wedlock or Deadlock”


Are you wondering what Wedlock or Deadlock is about?  Well let me tell you what you can expect to see.  Each half hour episode of “Wedlock or Deadlock” features an engaged couple that has serious concerns about their relationship and wonder whether they have what it takes to get married. When each show begins, the […]

What should I do if my girlfriend loves money more than me?

Ask Dr. Michelle

I am 41 years old, divorced, and after a 10-year marriage that was going nowhere, I left home and found the most incredible woman. We fell in love from the moment we met. She was married, and looking for a way out. Unfortunately, her husband was wealthy and I was not, so she found love with me that she never had. We have broken up and made up twenty times simply because she cannot get over the fact that I am not a wealthy person. She keeps hanging on to me letting me in and out. I am going crazy because she is the world to me, and I am JUST love to her. She feels no security with me. By the way, we both make six figures. Not that bad right? I feel like she is hanging on to me, in case the whole package does not come along. I am so lost. I feel dead inside.

How do we stop arguing?

Ask Dr. Michelle

I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. We are very serious but it has gotten to the point that when we get on the phone all we do is argue. We argue about anything and everything. Even when we aren’t talking we’re arguing. Could you please give me some advice?