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Dr. Michelle on MTV–Chris Brown Special

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Dr. Michelle joined MTV News Correspondent Sway Calloway in the MTV News Special “Chris Brown: The Interview.”  During the news special Chris talked with Sway about what happened between he and Rihanna back in February and what life is like now, nine months later. Dr. Michelle talked with Sway about dating violence and what we can learn from Chris Brown and Rihanna’s experiences. The news special aired at 6pm ET/PT on MTV.

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3 responses to “Dr. Michelle on MTV–Chris Brown Special”

  1. Shaunda Armstrong says:

    I don’t believe that Chris Brown hit Rihanna,I believe she want people know that and that the way people talk about Micheal Jackson and it all about money.

  2. Adaila says:

    I think people should give Chris another chance…..he’s a talented young man and I think we did not hear the whole story….Did Rhianna hit him first?…….
    What ever the case may be…..We all should move on with this ……..
    All of it was wrong on both part….a man should never hit a women and a women should not hit a man either…..I have a son…..I don’t want any women hitting him….nor He “Better not not” hit a woman….
    Everybody should keep their hands to themselves…..is the bottom line……

  3. ms says:

    I believe chris brown should have a chance to grow form this. i was beaten and mentally abused as well. So i know what she is going through. I don’t believe that she did not hit him because she stated on abc that she saw call come in form a ex-girl freind and she was upset. I don’t think chris should have hit her back but the moment was heated no women or man should lay hands on.

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