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Dr. Michelle on Today: Stay-at-Home Husbands/Dads

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Women’s Health Contributor Dr. Michelle Callahan and Men’s Health Contributor Matt Bean visited the Today Show to discuss a new Men’s Health/Spike TV study that addresses what’s on the minds of men today.

Check out the video:

Some of the study highlights are:

  • Seventy-three percent of men are comfortable with dating women who earn significantly more than they do
  • Forty-five percent of men would be “very willing” to stay at home if their wives made more money
  • Nineteen percent of fathers are stay-at-home dads
  • Forty-four percent of men do more work around the house than their fathers did. Just 17% do less work around the house than their fathers did.
  • Seventy-three percent agree that they give up some masculinity to be loving and nurturing fathers
  • Top life goals of men are: Providing for their families, finding a career that makes them happy, and finding someone to spend the rest of their lives with

What do you think? Are men more comfortable with their partners making more money? Are they really willing to stay at home and raise their children? Leave a comment and let us know if these study results describe you or someone you know.