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Dr. Michelle on the Ricki Lake Show

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Relationship expert Dr. Michelle Callahan recently visited the Ricki Lake show to discuss “What You Should Know Before You Get Married.” In this episode, Jaron, 27, reveals to Ricki Lake that he may no longer be interested in marrying his long-time girlfriend Brighette, 27. Dr. Michelle helps the couple understand why the couple may not be ready for marriage.

Jaron and Brighette appeared on the show to discuss their differences about money and their personality clashes. Jaron calls his fiance “bossy” and say things have changed since he first asked for her hand in marriage.

When asked if he would take back his proposal, Jaron could only say “Um, sometimes I’m not so sure.”

Dr. Michelle advises the couple to take it slow and go a year without breaking up before taking that next step.