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The Black Girls Rock! Pledge


Check out the Black Girls Rock! Pledge written by Iyanla Vanzant. I posted it because it is so powerful and inspirational for all women, especially Black women, like me, who rock!

One response to “The Black Girls Rock! Pledge”

  1. Nicole Williams says:

    Hi dr. I have a problem. My man is a known cheater after finding him messaging girls and giving out his phone number. When he comes home his phone is always switched off, or his pin set which he will never tell me. He admitted to cheating once, to get this girl to get a mobile contract out for him. Then several girls have contacted me to let me know he has been with them, but he denies it all. He would go out and not come back for hours and not answer his phone.
    The main thing is, we have a 15 month old, and a baby due in 12 weeks. What should I do? I still also have feelings for him.

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