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Video Blog: Sex with your Ex?


Thinking about having sex with your Ex? Before you do…check this out!

One response to “Video Blog: Sex with your Ex?”

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Dr Michelle,

    Thank you for this advice. It would seem kind of obvious, but when you are stuck in the rut it is not so easy. I have gone back many many times to spend some time with the same guy I was I had a 2 year engagement. Everytime I would go to see him I thought, deep in my heart, we would get back together. We have not. And most of the time he disappoints me (like he always did) by not keeping his word on anything the promised me. It really is time to move on… but it is soooo hard. I like what you said about taking the key back to my heart and lock the door and don’t let him in anymore. I never totally shut him out of my life so it gave him easy access back inside. Time to take control and give myself all that love. Thank you again 🙂

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